Yoriki Suisan is based in Sukumo city, west Kochi Prefecture. We mainly sell Kochi's fresh fish, agricultural products, and provide local information as well.
Kochi Prefecture has the perfect environment with beautiful ocean, mountains and rivers.
It is said that about 1500 types of fish live in the area. Coral reefs and seaweed beds in the ocean around Sukumo city nurture more than 1000 types of fish, making it a rich fishing ground. Fresh fish from the area are landed and sold in the central market operated by Sukumo-bay fisheries cooperative, which is certified excellent hygiene quality control market. We source our fish from the market selected by our discerning experts.
Located next to the Sukumo Bay Central Market, is our processing plant. With the state of the art Proton Freezer which prevents cell destruction, we provide our customers with their various needs from fillet to portion cut fish.

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President Norihiko Yoshimura




Safety Managements

At Yoriki Suisan, we have a one-stop process which enables us to trace information on fishermen, market, processing, wholesale, and shipment. The customer's packing list will contain these information to ensure safety of our products. Below is how our system is operated.

The packing list will specify the names of fishing ground, fishermen, fishing method, and recommended recipe.


@FREEZER FACILITY (Proton Freezer)


Proton Freezer, the next generation of blast freezer technology. It is a Hybrid technology of magnets, electromagnetic wave, and air blast. By making smaller crystals, it prevents cell destruction and minimizes drip outflow.